Emile Yusupoff

Edinburgh Against Humanity

First there was Cards Against Humanity. Then there was Cards Against Stirling. Now, The Tab Edinburgh brings you a rip-off of a rip-off: Edinburgh Against Humanity!

Ignore the NUS puritans, keep binge drinking

The NUS think students should drink less. They can keep their advice.

They’ve Dun us: Edinburgh slips in league tables while Dundee comes top for satisfaction

What is going on? Edinburgh pushed out of top 20 as Dundee become the best Scottish uni for ‘quality of life’

The Tab Presents: Your VPS Candidates

The Tab’s exciting guide to your VPS Candidates!

The Tab Presents: Your Presidential Candidates

The Tab’s official guide to EUSA’s Presidential Election.

Dear Scotland: 34 things England is not sorry for

Scotland has some legitimate gripes with the UK. But there are some things that you just can’t complain about.

Segregation permitted on campus

EUSA have rejected an attempt to ban forced segregation on campus.

EdinBRO? EUSA concerns as Ivy League fraternity seeks to colonise uni

Delta Kappa Epsilon, the controversial Yale fraternity, are coming to Edinburgh. Students raise concerns.

Edward Snowden: Whistleblower. Exile. Rector?

NSA whistleblower nominated as rector for Glasgow University.

Maximum Disruption: Lecturers Plan Class Walkouts

University staff continue to strike over pay

Body Confirmed To be Missing Yulia

Police have confirmed that a body found in Argyll last week is that of missing Edinburgh University student Yulia Solodyankin.

Still Unconfirmed If Argyll Body is Missing Yulia

Police are yet to confirm whether a body discovered near Argyll belongs to missing Edinburgh student, Yulia Solodyankina.

Scottish Parliament Approves Gay Marriage

Members of the Scottish Parliament have voted in favour of same-sex marriage, in the first step towards its recognition in Scotland.

EUSA decide to become “a feminist”

On Thursday 21st November, EUSA’s Student Council Meeting will vote on whether “EUSA is a feminist”

Dear EUSA…

EUSA need to stop being boring and get back to proposing ridiculous policies. A couple of scandals would be nice too.

Council Considers Moronic Licensing Policy

Edinburgh council are considering an overhaul of alcohol licenses. Health campaigners want to prevent new pubs and shops from selling alcohol in “areas of over provision”. This would be unproductive and foolish.

Forced Fingerprinting for Foreign Students

International students forcibly fingerprinted to prove lecture attendance

Official: Scotland Manliest Nation on Planet

Scotland was officially declared the manliest nation on earth, beating Australia, Russia and, of course, England.

Police Fail to Ban Condoms

A call by Police Scotland to ban “items of a sexual nature” from Edinburgh saunas has been rejected by the council.

Edinburgh’s Higgs Wins Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize in Physics has been jointly awarded to Francois Englert and Edinburgh Professor Peter Higgs.