George Square Library is ugly and uninspiring

But it’s a good excuse to avoid studying

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Yeah, it’s out-dated, over-crowded and lacking in books. But these problems have been much mulled over. The real problem is that our George Square library is UGLY.

So, let’s tear this thing to pieces. Apparently the library’s horizontal exterior was ‘deliberately designed’ to look like a bookcase.

What a wagonload of shit.

I don’t see bookcase: I see prison, I see car park, I see uninspiring concrete that blends with Edinburgh’s weeping skies and makes studying even more painful.

In fact, sometimes I look at the library in the winter… and I just start crying. It’s a worse infector of depression than Sylvia Plath’s poetry.

run for your life

bah, ahh, eek, run.

I don’t quite know what was wrong with the architect. Yup, I’m talking about you, Sir Basil Spence. I think your knighthood had gone to your head by 1967.

You crapped out eyesores across Britain and our library is one of the worst. And it’s not just the students you’ve upset. Your excretion has ruined the views of at least one thousand dog-walkers in the Meadows, and will ruin over one thousand more.

Requires burning. Like the library at Alexandria. Except we shan't 'weep for grief' like Thomasina.

If our library were accidentally burnt to the floor, I would definitely not ‘weep for grief’ like Thomasina.

Oh the horror of thr broken lifts!

Oh the horror of the broken lifts!

I am getting tired of pretending to be genuinely angry about this, and cannot be bothered to launch further diatribes on the interior of the library. But let it be said, that with it’s low ceilings and lack of lifts, the interior may just be my mother’s chicken coop in disguise.

Yes, it's true. I can't stand up in the library without banging my head on the ceiling.

Poor me. Yes, it’s true. I can’t stand up in the library without banging my head on the ceiling.

So, kids, are all university libraries intimidating steel factory blobs? No.

We need a library that makes us want to leap inside and gobble words for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We need a library that challenges the Scottish climate with colour and shape. We need a library to rival THESE libraries:

Yale has the Beinicke Rare Book and Manuscript library. yum

Yale has the Beinicke Rare Book & Manuscript library. Heals all y’ailments

(Ignore the floppy white tent)

University of Mexico library. We ought to have a muralist. (Ignore the floppy white tent, I’m quite sure it’s temporary/they go on library camping trips, (CoOl))

What a perfectly thought out space for endless games of paper aeroplanes.

Jacob-und-Wilhelm-Grimm-Zentrum at Humboldt University , Berlin. What a perfectly thought out space for paper aeroplane flights.

On second thoughts, maybe it resembles a crypt rather too much for our liking

Ideal for hide-and-seek: Tama Art University Library in Tokyo.

The irony of this whole matter is that we do actually have a very nice library at Edinburgh. It’s called the Playfair Library, but it doesn’t seem to play very fair.

Us students aren’t really allowed inside it; well not for working anyway. They, those powers that be, prefer to make money out of it by renting it for lavish drinks parties and receptions, because that’s exactly what university facilities should be for.

Occupy the Playfair Library.

New campaign launching now: Occupy the Playfair Library. Not really. Maybe release some ferrets though, because ferrets smell much worse than students.