It’s been a while, but Durham Clubbers of the Week is back, baby!

You know you’ve missed us, so buckle in for this week’s crème de la crème of Durham club photos

Going out clubbing in Durham, you know the drill: the highs and lows are inevitable.

Being made to throw away your half finished drink for the road from pres by the bouncer. Combatting the extraordinarily long queues even when the club is incredibly empty (rip Players ifykyk). Thinking there’s a 3 for £5 bomb deal on, but cruelly there isn’t, and ending up a tenner out of pocket instead. Or the ultimate betrayal, when after repeatedly requesting you and your bestie’s favourite song, the DJ refuses to play it.

Well, in spite of this, there’s one shining beacon of light and it’s the club photographers.

The quick shuffle into formation with your friends to get snapped, looking like you’ve just completed an hour long circuit session provides the best kind of entertainment for the morning after rundown.

Without further ado, we know you’re keen, try and spot yourself in these Durham Clubbers of the Week photos.

Biggest jump scare

Living his best life

When you’re clubbing at 10 but have to perform at the circus at 11

Big kisses for everyone reading this article

When you get betrayed by your own colleague 

I just want to know what this theme was?

When the club gets too much you could just take a nap in the club

And sorry we had to do it, but is this love at first kiss?


A special thank you to Wilder Events, Bounce Events and Jimmy Allen’s for allowing us to use their photos! Make sure to keep grabbing those club photographers so you can be featured on the next round of Durham Clubbers of the Week.

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