Durham students hosting a 24-hour cookathon for Movember

The best part? The food cooked will be donated to shelters for the vulnerable in Durham

Six finalists from Hild Bede are now eighth on the Durham University Movember leaderboard, ahead of most full college teams, with a current total of £1,073. In true Durham fashion the six housemates are not stopping at growing a bit of facial furniture, this weekend they will be participating in a non-stop 24-hour cookathon.

Ollie Le May, third year, Hild Bede

Food cooked across the 24-hours has been arranged to be donated to DASH and MovingOn, two shelters who do amazing work with vulnerable people in Durham. The Tab Durham heard that the group have “previously volunteered with Heat for the Homeless, handing out hot water bottles to rough sleepers, and have realised just how much of an unaddressed issue homelessness is in Durham”.

Arman Rounagh, third year, Hild Bede

The group originally decided to partake in Movember as a team because of a growing awareness of the impact that coronavirus and lockdown periods have had on both their own mental health and those around them. The boys also recently set up a witty Instagram page “to share entertaining content that could lift student’s spirits throughout lockdown whilst raising money” for a charity that fights for mens mental health.

Sam Chamberlain, third year, Hild Bede

In conversation with the team who have named themselves Movid-19 we were told that the group are going to be making “soup, fresh bread rolls, and big tray dishes of things such as lasagnas and pasta bakes for the shelters”. Fancy the sound of some hearty home-cooked food? Movid-19 are taking requests from students for meals in exchange for donations to the boys’ Movember page.

Declan Harris, third year, Hild Bede

Talking to The Tab Durham, Declan said “I’m vegetarian so have a lot of recipes up my sleeve to accommodate, Sunday morning fry ups will definitely feature” and with meals being home delivered, who wouldn’t want to donate to a great cause in return for a breakfast to fill the Flat White shaped hole in your lockdown heart. The hope is that houses will forego their weekend takeaways and donate instead. The cooking will start at around 10am on Saturday with food available for lunch and dinner and then breakfast and brunch on Sunday.

Tom McNeile, third year, Hild Bede

If their (attempt at) growing moustaches and cooking for 24-hours straight wasn’t enough to earn your donation, the team will also be running 400km throughout November.

Frazer Marsden, third year, Hild Bede

Donations to Movid-19 can be made via the Movember website and their progress can be followed through their instagram account.
Movid-19 have also made an appeal for any donations of food nearing its use-by-date or tinned foods  towards their meals for the shelters.