Durham hit by power cut

1720 premises in the DH1 area were initially affected

This evening at 9.48pm 1720 premises in the DH1 area experienced a power cut, with many student houses in the Viaduct, Highgate, City Centre and Neville’s Cross areas being affected.

The Northern Powergrid stated the cause of the power cut to have been due to an “unexpected problem with the cables or equipment” in the area.

The initial aim was to restore the power by 11.30pm, but this was achieved for some properties at the earlier time of 10.38pm.

One student spoke to The Tab Durham reminiscing on the power cut that affected Livers In at Grey and Collingwood colleges last year, stating: “I wonder if it’s a seasonal thing in Durham. At least I don’t have to stay at Maiden Castle tonight”.

The Northern Powergrid currently states that over 1000 residences are still without power.