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It’s time to meet the second set of this year’s DUCFS Models

Here we go again

Ella Clouston

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Favourite pick up line?

Are you emotionally mature?

You're stuck on a desert island for the rest of your life – who would you choose to come with you and why?

A giant tortoise because I wouldn’t outlive it and go mad with loneliness

Harry Dew

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Best joke?

Other fashion shows

Why did you want to be involved with ducfs?

Raising £150,000 last year was crazy, so anything over that’s the aim

Izzy Brooks

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What's your hidden talent/party trick?

I can flare my nostrils into heart shapes

Fun fact?

There are more bacteria in a single person's gut than humans on the entire planet

Isaac Cruise

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Where do you practice your walk?

No practice required

Last Spotify song?

I Found Out – The Velvet Underground

Jesse Bakare

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Favourite pick up line?

Are you in DUCFS? No? You should be

Go to meal deal?

Chicken bacon stuffing, sensations, water

Joseph Paton

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Dinner party guest?

Elon Musk

Three things you can't live without?

Music, fashion, phone

James Rosanwo

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Why did you want to be involved with DUCFS?

Because Archie was in it

Three things you can't live without?

Archie, Archie and Archie

Joey Yip

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Favourite date location?

McDonalds Drive Thru in Gilesgate

What's your hidden talent/party trick?

I know every single lyric to every single Taylor Swift song

Luke Thomson

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Fashion Icon?

Ali G

What are you most excited about for the show?

Lathering myself in copious amounts of baby oil

Mkuzo Kuwani

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If you were an item of clothing what would you be and why?

A bra – because I keep things together

Who's your model/exec crush?

Rory MacLean – fiery man he is