Durham Vice Chancellor Stuart Corbridge exposed as Durfess admin

‘I’m just super down with the students I guess’

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The Durham Tab can exclusively reveal that the hugely popular confessions page Durfess is run by none other than the Durham Vice Chancellor Stuart Corbridge.

This information was revealed in a secret recording taken at Fab’s in which Stuart can be heard saying: “Yeah I run that Durfess thing. I’ve always known exactly what the University needs and I’m just super down with the students I guess.”

In the recording, Corbridge also takes aim at Overheard at Durham Uni, saying: "Honestly, people who post in Overheard are a bunch of wetters. Just stop losing your shit and expecting other people to find it. Christ."

'I just really know what the people want'

Probed further, Stuart revealed himself to be behind College Wars, adding: “I created college wars so I could see who wouldn’t care if all their staff were made redundant – it was a pretty great idea. John's took my bribe to withdraw if I paid for them to all get new Bibles.”

Corbridge revealed plans for John's to no longer have any staff at all. The college will instead be ran by church mice and godly desperation.

Stuart said he was particularly fond of submissions ranking things into tiers. "They're right, you know," he told The Durham Tab, "History is a bit of a shit tier subject.

"Those tier format posts are classic, mate – honestly top quality content. The students who submit them will go far, let me tell you."

The VC is looking to monetise Durfess's reach, and intends to funnel all profits into the hallowed Durham Union Society. Each member will receive full scholarships to Durham to account for their huge contribution to diversity and anti-censorship actions.

Mr (redacted) from the Union Society commented: “I think (redacted) and that (redacted) so this could be really (redacted)!” Surely we all agree?

A union student at their finest

When asked why he set up Durfess, Corbridge said: “Tbh I was looking at a spreadsheet or something and I was super bored. I got drunk and thought it seemed fun. The idea just grew from there.”

With this revelation shaking the university, we can only wonder – what will this champion of the students do next?

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