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The Durham guide to procrastination

Why work today when you can work tomorrow?

Durham is one of the most picturesque and traditional university cities in the country. What you may not know, however, is that DH1 is also a haven for procrastination. Take a trip through this guide to the best procrastination activities Durham has to offer, because why work today when you can work tomorrow?

Go out (out)

Stressed about an essay? Why not take your academic woes to the pub, or even a club? If you can’t muster up the motivation to go to the actual library, The Library pub will more than suffice. Also, speaking from experience, there is nothing quite like a double vodka cranberry or three to make that essay flow.

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Drunk essay writing = maximum creativity

Go sightseeing

Take advantage of Durham’s array of landmarks and attractions (600+ listed buildings and a UNESCO World Heritage Site). Make your chronic avoidance of work cultural and enlightening: taking a trip to the Cathedral or the Botanic Garden the day before an exam is way more fun, than revision.

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Take a 'leaf' out of our book

Go to a coffee shop

It often feels as if there are more coffee shops in Durham than there are students. If you’re going to be despairing about your 250 pages of reading the day before your seminar, you may as well cry over a cappuccino in Flat White, rather than Tesco’s own-brand instant coffee alone in your room.

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Procrastination is an aesthetic

Go to Newcastle

This may be cheating in terms of the Durham Guide to Procrastination, but a £5 train fare (£3 with a Railcard) is all that stands between you and a proper city (soz, Dullham). Plus, does it count as procrastination if you aren't even in Duz, miles away from the source of your academic worries? So, double points for this one.

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Better bridges than Durham? Check.

Brave a trip to the library

Finally, the ultimate, and most frustrating form of procrastination is that which takes place In the Billy B itself. Walk to the library, by some miracle find a space to work, open up your laptop…only to spend three hours scrolling through the dark depths of your Instagram Explore page. Good luck!

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Dog Instagram: both a blessing and a curse