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An ode to the Durham stereotype

Because we all know someone with loafers


Oh, to be a Durham student. On-campus fashion has never looked so good. We know there is a look adopted by anyone who is anyone – and you all know what I'm talking about. Heading out to Loft on a Monday night in flares, some hoe-hoops and some Nike trainers which have definitely, definitely seen better days? Hitting up Sunday night Klute in loafers, chinos and the most oversized, un-ironed, button-down shirt you could locate? You might just be the stereotype, darling, and I'm sure you sport the following (fabulously, of course).

The puffer jacket (but is it Ralph?)

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Papped near Castle

An absolute wardrobe necessity, whatever gender you are. No-one can knock the puffer jacket – it's practical, fashionable and probably warmer than your uni duvet. It also doubles as a blanket when your significant other/fling/random person you picked up in Players duvet-hogs. A good choice, stereotype. I envy your warmth.

The signet ring (even though most of you do not have a family crest)

On the pinky finger of every Durham stereotype, there will surely be a signet ring. Gold, silver, family crest, initials – they all go. A necessary bit of sparkle. Girl stereotype, you match it with painted – but chipped – nails. Boy stereotype, you just match it with a pint. When you pick it up all the girls see the ring and swoon (or so you think).

The flares (the 70s called, they want their style back)

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Caught by the Billy B

For all you stereotypical girls out there, this is a staple: comfortable, chic and versatile. 9am lecture? Sure. Jimmy's? Obviously. A 70s themed evening? The go to. Even your Mum wore them. God knows it never looked so peachy.

The tiny tattoo (elegant, if a little basic)

Girls, I'm looking at you again here (although, boys, I take no issue with your tiny tattoos – it's a free world). Not often visible to those not in the know, our gorgeous stereotypes are likely to have a tiny tattoo – usually in only the most discreet of places, of course.

The loafers (suede is such a nightmare to clean)

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Spotted in Hatfield

Hatfield and Castle, this one is mainly for you. Collingwood, whilst your trainers are infinitely more practical, they just aren't quite so chic. Our handsome stereotypes pair loafers with some out-there socks (we're talking obnoxiously loud pinks, blues, oranges -you name it, they've got it) and don them wherever they are, whatever the occasion. Whether the night takes you to Klute or The Boat Club, you're prepared. I respect that, stereotype.

The quarter-zip (and, boys, my apologies for all the quarter-zips we girls have stolen from you – I speak for everyone here)

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spotted near Collingwood

It is, put simply, a uniform for all occasions. Function at its finest. When in doubt, our stereotypes reach for their quarter-zips. Hungover? Quarter-zip. Date night? Quarter-zip. Hiding the tell-tale signs of a wild evening with some sort of significant other? Quarter-zip (except fully zipped this time). It is probably Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger and a prized possession. God-forbid you ever ended up somewhere without it nearby.

But you know what, stereotype, you're fucking fabulous.

You just keep doing you. One day, you'll rule the world.