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Nominations Are Open For Durham’s Maddest Fresher 2018

Time to prove we aren’t Dull-ham anymore

As freshers week is well over by now and the big characters have emerged, The Durham Tab is on the hunt for our “Maddest Fresher”.

We aren’t interested in traffic cone stealers or a simple club vom. We take this award very seriously and are only looking for the biggest and best stories. If you spent freshers’ week getting your stomach pumped, shutting down bars, or hosting the craziest parties of Durham, we want to hear from YOU!

If you have stolen anything of significant emotional worth from Hatfield, whilst we never condone theft, you will automatically be put through to the final simply for good taste in crime (but you also may want to give it back just saying).

So nominate yourself or a mate and let the games begin! The prize? Absolutely jack all, but it’ll probably be something jokes to brag about when you’re stuck in another 9am.