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We spoke to past DUCFS models to find out why you should give it a go

You can talk the talk but can you walk the walk

If you haven't already heard (or been scouted) DUCFS 2019 is back and they want you to go and audition.

Model auditions will be held 27th – 28th October (11am – 5pm) and then same again on 3rd – 4th November. Auditions will take place in Elvet Riverside 153.

Compere auditions will take place on 31st October (1pm – 6pm) and these will be held in Elvet Riverside 157.

But if you haven't already been convinced by us to go and audition we spoke to some past models to find out why DUCFS is such a good thing to be a part of.


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"Being part of the DUCFS experience is truly like nothing you’ve ever done before.

The energy that flows in that environment is so infectious, you just never want it to end.

The people you meet; the models, the entire exec, they really become your tribe and are just there to support you every step of the way."


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"It is a fantastic opportunity to be able to meet a range of people from different colleges and year groups, while also contributing towards a highly charitable cause.

It really is such a brilliant experience to be a part of and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough to anyone considering."


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"Modelling twice for DUCFS was one of the most fulfilling things I did at Durham.

"You don’t only get the chance to wear incredible designs from amazingly talented designers and participate in stunning shoots, but over the weekend of the shows you will make some of your best friends at University.

"So get involved if you want to be a part of raising awareness and a huge amount of money for one of the most important causes that will affect our generation and generations to come."


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"Being in DUCFS is honestly one of the best things you will ever do at university. Modelling was an unbelievable experience that I will never forget.

"You get the opportunity to meet some of the best people on campus and be part of such an incredible project.

"Not only do you have a real impact on the lives of those that the charity represent, but you also have an unforgettable time during the show.

"The clothes are unreal, the show is unbelievable and the effect of the show is second to none. The show itself will almost certainly be the best day in your university career."


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"Well I think being around the models and exec was great in itself. Being in an environment where there are a lot of really strong confident people is really empowering and we were always helping each other out if one of us was feeling self conscious and in general were really supportive.

"The show itself was such an amazing experience and made me realise how much I’d amplified all my little insecurities when no one actually really cares about that. It’s more about how much confidence you walk with and how much fun you’re having!"


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"I’d say it’s so great for meeting people you’d never usually meet around Durham, from different years, colleges and courses.

"It’s also such a good time being involved in the biggest event at Durham, you get a table for your friends and you get the experience of being in-front of a crowd. You also raise SO much money for a good cause, Charitable narcissism!"