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Clubbers of the Week: Freshers Edition

Fresh faced, drunk and out clubbing

clubbers of the week

We're all tired after a full week of much clubbing and little sleep, and the internet has the pictures to prove it. Welcome to the first Clubbers of the Week of the Year.

Best sudden clubbing realisation

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We've all been there

Your friend is living the music, you have an armpit next to your face, and suddenly you remember you didn't close your window before leaving.

Best accidental E.T. cosplay

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Background right, waiting to go home.

Best accidental recreation of E.T.

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Glowing finger on point

Looking for signal in the club

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The fact that this is the girl having sudden realisations in the club is just the cherry on top.

Best drunk patrol squad

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Props to the girl on the left for holding her friend up

Best demonstration of size

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'You know it's this big'

Best reaction to getting chatted up

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Her smile says polite, but her eyes say just stop talking

Best wave

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Hey back

This is it for Clubbers of the Week. To all freshers, keep enjoying clubbing in Durham and don't let your friends be on drunk patrol too often (looking at you green shirt boy).