Billy B Cafe and EDen shut until Epiphany 2019

Where will we get our cups of tea now?

The Billy B Cafe and EDen have been shut down for refurbishment and will not reopen until Epiphany term 2019, leaving the Durham Library pretty short on food and drink services for students.

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The Notices Currently in the Billy B

This change may come as quite a surprise to most students, who will be left with only one drink and one food vending machine in the library itself – we look forward to the queues from students of the 2,000+ study spaces!

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The closed off EDen and remaining vending machines

Students are being encouraged by the university to seek alternative catering facilities such as the Calman or Palatine Cafes.

Furthermore, the Uni has not revealed where the new eating areas of the Billy B will be during the closure of the EDen, nor where the group work area will be.

The Library Foyer has also undergone quite the transformation, with single study areas, so we do know it won't be there!

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Welcome to the Billy B guys

On a more positive note for non-finalists, the new Cafe should be pretty nice! With lots of new seating, more tills and new vending machines it will definitely be a decent addition to the Billy B.

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Not too bad

But for now, stock up on your red bulls, bring a thermos and pack your own lunch – we're going to have to walk at least a few metres for a sandwich now!

Follow the renovation here