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Someone has been spreading fake news


Durham students have been shook to the core the last couple of days as word of mouth informed us that Paddy's loved and cherished pizza hub had shut down. The TAB can exclusively reveal that Paddy's pizza place IS STILL OPEN and is not going ANYWHERE.

Everyone breathe.

Patrick's pizza place has undergone re – branding and now has a new logo and is currently hiring (so if you want a job here's one available). Other than that it is the same.

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Exclusive look at the new logo

The rumour was spread via numerous posts on the Durham student page Durfess, which is known for its meme generating and relatable content.

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Fake news

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Awaiting us

Patrick's pizza place confirmed that the prospect of our loved takeaway shutting down was merely the "spreading" of "fake news through Durham University Students related pages (Specially Durfess)". The post is, they state, "harming our image".

Patrick's pizza informed us that they "can't wait to see you all back". See you soon Paddy's I can't wait to neglect my BMI again. Fuck you Durfess.