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Durham Law student will now complete his course after raising target £27,000 to avoid deportation

Raphael Chinwuko raised the money through a Go Fund Me campaign

Raphael Chinwuko, an international student from Nigeria, has successfully raised the money to complete the second year of his law degree at Durham after his academic scholarship, funded by a private organisation, fell through.

The private organisation had agreed to cover £14,000 of the annual costs, but failed to provide payment when they came into financial difficulty after his first year. Raphael has been withdrawn from his studies since 14th February as a result and was threatened with repatriation due to being absent from education.

After setting up a Go Fund Me page, Raphael has managed to raise over £27,090 in just 1 month due to the traction of his cause, which received around 2.4k shares on Facebook. An event at Alington House called "Raver's without borders" at the end of June also successfully contributed over £1,000 to Raphael's cause.

During his time at Durham, to support himself financially, Raphael juggled a job in a pub as well as achieving a high 2.1.

He also volunteered at the Citizens Advice Bureau and has taken part in a wealth of extra curricular activities alongside his studies including; frepping for Hild Bede, playing lead roles in his college freshers play and DULOG's November musical, and taking part in the 2017 Walk on Charity Fashion Show.

Raphael told The Tab how he felt about the overwhelming support:

“When I saw the notification that I had reached my target, I was over the moon with excitement!

“I’m just super excited I get to go back to school!

“I’m so grateful to everyone that has helped in one way or another. Massive thanks to my law course-mate, Jules Mangelaars, who got me in contact with her dad, Mr John Mangelaars, CEO Travix International. I have since received overwhelming love and support from them in reaching the finish line!”

"The Durham bubble does look out for its own! ❤️"

On his Go Fund Me page, Raphael annouced the news to his followers and expressed his appreciation:

"Thanks again guys ❤️❤️really! I put every one of you in my prayers and I have no doubt that God will bless you all!

"Now I can focus on studying for and acing my exams!"

Photo credits: Raphael Chinwuko, 'with Mum and sis in 2015'