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Durham Uni hints 8am lecture change might not go ahead after criticism reaches national media

The university has now revealed the changes are ‘provisional’ and ‘not final’


Durham University has today hinted that its decision to start lectures at 8am could end up not going ahead, stating its plans are “not final".

The statement comes after the university drew criticism following a number of national newspapers publishing the story.

Papers that covered the story included The Mail Online, The Express, and The Times, where it featured on the front page of Wednesday's edition.

The proposed changes will affect Maths, Law and the Business School in the upcoming academic year and are justified as a solution to the lack of suitable lecture theatres to house the record-high number of students expected to enrol before Michaelmas term.

However, in a statement released yesterday, the university hinted that the early morning starts might not end up happening at all.

Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Education, Professor Alan Houston, said: “The proposed 8am lectures form part of the University’s provisional teaching timetable for the academic year 2018/19.

"This is not final: it is only in place while students choose their modules.

"The final timetable will be published in September, after A-level confirmation, and once all returning students have registered for their modules.

“If agreed, this arrangement will be for one year only, until our new Teaching and Learning Centre opens, which will increase our teaching capacity.

“We are still working closely with departments to further reduce the number of these 8am slots. We are optimistic that the final timetable will reflect this.

“As part of our strategy we are increasing student numbers by a maximum of 4,000 over ten years.

“We are ensuring this happens in a carefully planned way – focussing on specific departments in which we believe we can expand our already globally-recognised research and offer of a first-class education.”