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We know exactly what kind of person you are based on where you sit in the Billy B

Level 4 is goals ?


We've all heard the stories and experienced the struggle that is finding a seat in the Billy B. What you didn't realise was the monumental decision you make every time you pass through those doors and what your choice of seat location says about you.

From the pits down in the depths of Level 1 to stash central on Level 3, here's a comprehensive and 100% accurate analysis of the types of people who grace each floor.

Level 1: The pits

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Like a deep dark underground cave, Level 1 is for the bravest of souls, willing to seat themselves among the most serious – and smelly – of students.

The location of most all nighters, Level 1 frequenters – or "the uglies" as they have been known to be called – only surface at the dead of night, where they trudge back to their man-caves ready to repeat the grind the next day.

For those who prefer the aquatic life, the glassy section of level one provides a nice home for students that like to work under public inspection.

Here you'll find students who wanted to study marine biology, but alas – Mummy and Daddy thought PPE would be more suitable. ?

Level 2: Procrastinators' paradise

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Do these people ever do any work?

Level 2 folk have serious commitment issues. Persuaded by their mates that a day in the library is where it's at, they pack their bags, prepare their most judgemental stares and make the trek to the science site, but can't quite bring themselves to venture into its depths.

Their whole day is a break: spent queuing in the cafe, chatting in the eDen, or sitting around in the entrance … not forgetting a few leisurely hours outside as well-deserved "revision breaks".

Sorry that the grass outside isn't Hyde Park, buddy, and chain-smoking your day away whilst working on your tan doesn't quite count as a day hitting the books.

Level 3: Stash central

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Self-proclaimed BNOC status

The people of Level 3 have heard that Level 4 is where the best looking people are at, but can't quite be bothered to make the trek.

Like an exclusive DU social club, infrequent L3 goers will be met by a purple sea of judgemental gazes as they try to find a seat.

Everyone here seems to know each other, and as you finally sit yourself down between two garish sets of stash, you'll constantly feel like you've stolen the desk of a BNOC regular. Not worth the constant judgement.

Level 4: Crème de la crème?

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Who’s even ever been up there?

All we know is if Level 3 is anything to go by, someone who manages to bag a seat on the top floor is sitting among the self-perceived 'top dogs' of Durham.

You yourself have probably never made it, but will have heard of people who go there "for the view". Trust us, it's not the view of the cathedral they're talking about.

Level 4 regulars will have the dress code down to a T: distressed trainers, flares, Ralphie shirts and a classic cap are all part of the uniform here.

Whether or not the elite nature of L4 lives up to the hype is for you to judge, but by the expressions on most of their faces, they certainly think they're the crème de la crème.

Our advice? Unless you don't mind constantly walking the stairwells and bookshelves in an attempt to bag yourself potential L4 'library husband', your best bet is to steer clear.

Or best of all, don't bother with the Billy B altogether – Palace Green Library is where it's at.