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How to nail the most iconic Met Gala looks for your college summer ball

Cardi B ain’t got nothing on me

As the academic year comes to a close, whether you've bombed or bossed it, the college summer ball is the perfect way to celebrate in the only way us Brits know how: getting absolutely shit-faced in black tie.

However, as ever, end of term finances mean you're pulling together the last few pennies every time you go on a night out, so a killer outfit for the event is more or less out of the question.

If you too hate overhearing girls in your tutorial bragging about how they bought theirs 4 months in advance from Monaco, roll your eyes no more: there's an easier and more cost effective way to look like you walked off the red carpet.

If there's one group of people who know how to party, it's the A-listers of the Hollywood hills, and I'm going to show you how you can channel their 'Heavenly Bodies' theme for your end of year celebrations, with a divine budget to match.

Cardi B

The rags-to-riches story of Cardi B is major life inspo. 'Get Up 10' has been my mantra for the past month. Although I've not quite made it to stripping, I still appreciate her thrifty fashion advice (she regularly wears outfits under $60 from FashionNova).

However, her pearl and crystal encrusted Moschino gown is nothing short of opulent, what better outfit to celebrate getting that low 1st in?

My advice for this? Get crafty. Get yourself a hot glue gun, a wedding dress from Oxfam, some costume jewellery and spend a night creating your masterpiece.

One step ahead of the game as always, crafty Cardi is also heavily pregnant: take inspo from her, carry Offset's child and get £164 more a week from student finance to support your little one. #result

Kendall Jenner

Seriously, what is this. Generally, any dress is a safe bet for a ball if it isn't one of two things:

1. White

2. Long

This is both, but if you really want to, it can be easily duplicated if your halls have toilet roll of any texture or quality, or a spare bed-sheet from a toga night. Just wrap them round your legs and arms, pass it off as high fashion and turn up to whatever event you're going to. No one will suspect a thing.

Katy Perry

This is if you got a comfortable 2:1 and you feel like you deserve to make a real entrance. If you live in an area with pigeons, spend an afternoon chasing them and glue the plumage they leave behind to your shoulders.

Alternatively, many reputable dressing up shops sell them, albeit not as big. I'm personally not too sure about this look, but if it can get Orlando Bloom interested, it's good enough for anyone.

Jared Leto & Lana del Rey

Isn't this just what every Theology ball looks like? There's a hell of a lot going on here, but kudos to one of the only men who bothered to wear something other than a black tux. I say raid your theology department for any artefacts, Indiana Jones style, and see if you can bring them together for an outfit that echoes this celestial Gucci ensemble. Lana clearly got a 2:2, hence the heart being punctured with swords.


Sorry, you can't replicate this look. Not because it's impossible, but because you're probably not Rihanna. Move along.

Cara Delevigne

I don't get this, but it's apparently haute couture Dior, so what do I know? For a similar look, buy a Morticia Addams/Malificent/Professor Snape outfit from a dressing up shop, it will probably do just as well.

As for the face cage, I can only assume it's a preventative measure for not taking too much of an advantage of the buffet. Which, in all honestly, I probably need as well, but I can't imagine it's the nicest accessory to wear when you're trying to execute the tactical chunder.

James Corden

This look is already achieved by nearly every man at a ball, ever.

Here, James Corden looks like every awkward engineering student you've never talked to, who, when the event camera comes round, suddenly thinks it's appropriate to put his arm around you and pose for a photo.

Who are you? Why are you touching me? Why are you dressed so boringly for such an exciting event? These are all questions I need answers to before next summer ball. Engineers, get revising.