Here’s every type of person you meet at a house party in the Viaduct

One day, freshers, this will be you


With four different rooms depending on your moves, drinks, plenty of hot undergraduates and a busy smoking area, every house party in the Viaduct is the same – but it’s not to be missed.

Whether you’re going for the first time or are a seasoned vet, here’s the low down of the most common people you’ll meet at a Viaduct house party.

The Host

There with a drink in hand

Always a charismatic soul, larger than life character and fancies themselves a wannabe DJ. Whilst their party might be banging, their tunes are often left to be desired. But keep friends with this one they will prove to be a useful ally in the Durham social scene. 


The Chewer 

So you’ve been at the party… half an hour? And already you are seeing the chewers. These are the people that are bopping up down in a sporadic way and are chewing gum like there’s no tomorrow. Don’t bother making conversation – they are completely in their own world. 

The Drinker

Get those drinks down you!

The complete opposite of a chewer, this is the person downing drinks in the kitchen. Unless you are a boozy ‘legend’ I would steer clear of this person because they will only let you leave if you are in an ambulance. 

The ‘Actual’ DJ

This person tends to be quite cool. They have a unique vibe reflected in their glasses. Good music. Shit fashion sense. Average bloke.

The Bandeau Boobs 

Bandeau CRAZE

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good bandeau top, but be aware that at a Durham house party every girl and her mother will be wearing this outfit. Often paired with some flares, these girls will constantly be on the move. They know everyone, and everyone knows them. 

The Shit Shirts 

Hmm… is it really a good look?

These boys think they are the best thing in Durham since the invention of the Johnny Woodgate. They are lads through and through and will constantly be talking about ‘the boys’. If you are on the lookout for a potential partner don’t look here, they are either taken (often by a bandeau boobs) or a massive fuckboy. 

Your New Best Friend 

Always the perfect lighting

If you are a girl, head to the bathroom for your new best friend will be waiting. They are a complete necessity at a Viaduct house party. They will tell you you’re pretty, slag off your ex and drop the L bomb constantly. You’ll add each other on Facebook, say you’ll meet for coffee and ignore their existence until the next meeting in the viaduct. 

The Freshers Who Weren’t Invited 

Who do they even think they are?

Don’t Come!