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The definitive guide to following Spring ’18 trends, on a Durham student budget

Staying overdressed on the overdraft

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For those of us who like to keep our fingers on the erratic pulse of the fashion world, student life and the budget that comes along with it can be frustrating to say the least. Barely scraping together the money for a cup of tea at Cafédral means the Gucci bum-bag you’ve been coveting is pretty much out of the question.

But do not fear! This season's key looks are more than achievable on what's left of your maintenance loan. Follow these tips and you can stay overdressed on the overdraft.

The Bum Bag

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Come prepared…

Not only is the bum bag (or fanny-pack) the perfect no-nonsense accessory for a Newcastle rave, it’s also one of Spring 2018's must-haves. However, unless you've got a spare £795 lying around your halls, donning a Marmont Gucci waist bag to go and see Flava D is a fantasy reserved for boring seminars.

Instead, for less than 1% of the original price, head down to Durham's Mountain Warehouse on Saddler Street, and get your hands on one of their own brand bum bags; available in classic black, or khaki if you want to pull together a Yeezy inspired outfit. Trust me hun, when you walk with your adjustable strap and zipped compartments into the Lloyd's smoking area, your pulling power will multiply tenfold.

Ugly Retro Sneakers

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"You can't understand someone until you've walked a mile in their Nike Air Max '97s." – Atticus Finch

Let's be real for a second: the student population of Durham had already nailed this season’s biggest footwear trend months ago. Balenciaga may as well have done their market research in a Philosophy Tutorial on Old Elvet and drawn up their moodboards in Loft. Neon Reebok Classics, clashing running shoes and Nike Air Max ‘97s have been kicking around Elvet Riverside for a hot minute now, and don't appear to be clunking into the sunset anytime soon. Besides, what better way to dress for an ugly SU than some ugly kicks?

Logos, logos, logos…

Flat White > Fendi

Unless you’re an effortlessly chic international who makes a habit of swanning into college brunch in head-to-toe Louis Vuitton, truly nailing this trend is a mere fantasy. Kim K’s famous behind was pictured last month plastered in Fendi Fs and Balmain have opted for a louder portrayal of their usually delicate logo on the runway this Spring. But let’s be real: if you have the money, why not shout it from the sartorial rooftops?

For a Durham twist on this key luxury trend, steal some of Flat White's wax paper they use to serve cakes on, and use it to customise your old accessories. Bandanas, handbags and belt are just a few pieces that the ubiquitous logo can breathe fresh life into, and you'll always smell of gluten free brownies. Result.

Clothes brighter than your future…

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Get the sunnies out…

The usual palette of spring pastels its saturation dialled up by 100 this time around, with fluorescent pieces by Versace and Dolce and Gabbana turned heads on the catwalk. What better way to splash a bit of colour onto the grey cathedral city?

However, as any it-girl on a tight budget will know, bright pieces are a risky investment to splash the cash on.

My remedy to this? Give a new lease of life to your old white clothes by colouring them in with some highlighters. Prices start at only £4.99 in Ryman, so have a fun (budget) night in scribbling with the squad! Or, for a similar effect, achieve a chic millennial pink by wearing an all white outfit to Fabio’s and having everyone spill their Sex on the Beach's on you.

The 80s

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Bringing San Junipero to the North East

One step ahead of the game as always, this is another trend that Durham has had no trouble embracing in recent years. From New York fashion week to the dance floor of Wiff Waff, this decade has truly seen its renaissance. Mom jeans, cinched waists and unironic ski jackets make any night in Durham 80s night. And no wonder: our charity shops are serious fuego. I like to think of it as Durham students of the past endowing their wavy garms to the future of the university, passing timeless fashion from one generation to another, and for this, I salute them.