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Review: Van Mildert Charity Fashion Show

Probably the most diverse show in Durham

Fashion shows in Durham are, quite literally, the height of second term. With the DU show kicking off the running of the college ones, there seems to be an issue on everyone's mind. Are we encouraging what the fashion industry has been criticised for; appropriating a certain body type, in both males and females? Arguably yes.

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Van Mildert's show on the other hand, provided the very opposite, but instead what I witnessed was an inclusive, celebratory show that displayed fashion through ALL that wanted to partake. You sign up? You get to walk.

The theme was 'Electric Dreams' and what I can conclude is that the joy from the models, executive team and audience was something of an 80s magnitude of euphoria. With the college dance troupe performing after most walks and performances from Jordan Sheath and ‘Mads and the Lads'. What this resulted in, for me, was a recognition of the college unity and celebration. This wasn't a show, predicating body types, or establishing a new season of Gucci: it was recognising, appreciating, and fundraising.

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The girls strutted their stuff in RB funky creations and other names such as Jack Wills were displayed. Yet the theme at certain moments was seemingly lost in the clothes and at times I was left confused as to where the 80s motivation lay: the music or the clothing? For most of the lines between modern fashion culture and the 80s were blurred.

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The Van Mildert Charity Fashion show, isn't supposed to be in my eyes, a show in which materials are show cased. But rather it's a show case of the celebration of friendship and respect for one another's efforts, in light of a really good cause.

If you're looking for a good time, a lot of laughs and a solidification of friendship and inclusion – this is most definitely the show for you and I.