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Don’t put your sledges away, it’s going to snow again

Make a final snow angel before you head off home

Summative season may be drawing to a close, but the winter season certainly isn't. For those who are thinking of sticking about in Durham for a few days after term ends, it's time to get prepared for the cold.

A yellow warning has been issued to the North East for this weekend, anticipating yet more snow and ice.

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Rain is forecast for Friday, but this is set to turn to snow between 5pm on Friday and 9am on Saturday. Temperatures are expected to drop to -3C, with strong easterly winds making it feel even colder.

Initially the North East will be hit with rain and snow on higher ground. This will lessen progressively into Saturday and it moves south-westwards. However, ice will begin to form as it clears, which will become an issue on untreated roads.

Dubbed the 'Nightmare from the North', it will bring a mixture of rain, sleet and snow over the weekend. Although it will not be as extreme as the 'Beast from the East', some roads and railways may be affected and longer journey times are likely.