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My name is Josh Kay and I am here to answer the deepest concerns of your heart

From summative stress to romantic success

The Tab's new agony uncle is everybody's favourite ordinary hero, Josh Kay. "Hello", he says. "My name is Josh Kay. I’m a Physics fresher at Grey and I am here because I comment on things on the Internet."

Josh Kay has risen to minor BNOC status after his frequent comments on Durfess posts, suggesting ways to help people out. You can submit your anonymous questions for Josh Kay here.

What things in particular should people ask you about? Where does your expertise lie?

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I wouldn’t say I have any amount of expertise at all really… I just want to help people; that’s kind of where it starts and where it ends. At the very least, some people have found me helpful, and now I’ve been given a platform to be even more helpful and I’m very very happy to try my best.

Are you the person in the friendship group that everyone goes to when they’re struggling?

Yeh. I’m also the one with the teapot. Yes, I am equipped with a whole range of a range of teas.

What would you say is the one question that if people asked you’d struggle to answer?

There isn’t really anything that you can’t give advice for, but the one thing that’s hard to give advice for is heartbreak because there’s nothing you can really do except wait it out and treat yourself well.

Final question: what is the one thing that gives you true agony uncle authority? Is it the teapot?

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I’d say it’s somewhere between the teapot and personal experience. I’ve had my fair share of experience with mental illness and not to sound inherently selfish, but I understand what it’s like and I don’t want people to feel like that. I want to help and that’s it. Any problem can be solved.

You can submit your anonymous questions for Josh Kay here.