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Next year’s SU president has been announced

The results were revealed in the riverside café

George Walker has been revealed as the winner of this year’s Student Officer Election for DSU President, and will replace Megan Croll at the end of her term.

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Walker beat his rivals to win the presidential role with 1,048 votes. Josh Cavendish obtained 731 votes, and Josh Butterworth obtained 531 votes.

George said in his manifesto: "Over three years in Durham, I have fought to make the lives of students better. I’ve campaigned against rising accommodation fees, against rogue landlords and for a living wage for all staff.

"As President I want to fight for a fairer Durham so that all Durham students can have the University experience they deserve."

Other successful candidates are:

Undergraduate Academic Officer – Saul Cahill

Welfare and Liberation Officer – Meg Haskins

Postgraduate Academic Officer – David Evans

Opportunities Officer – Charlie Walker

Student Trustees – Sam Johnson-Audini, Kate McIntosh, Ben Zealley and Estia Ryan