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Tony Robinson accidentally goes to Klute in Durham

Blackadder star seen wandering down the steps to Klute whilst trying to find his way to Durham Cathedral.

The Time Team and Blackadder megastar was seen out filming in Durham today, the 6th February 2018, filming on Elvet Bridge with a small team of camera men. The star also posed for photos and chatted to passers-by, in between takes of filming for his latest series.

Unfortunately, Sir Robinson isn't doing a sequel to Blackadder, nor was he making another episode of Time Team. Instead, he was caught speaking with an expert, making a documentary on Britain's greatest cathedrals for Channel Five. Our lovely cathedral is one of the select few to make it onto the programme, which will also feature Salisbury and York Cathedral.

Filming hasn't been unproblematic, however, as Tony Robinson was wearing not one, but two, quilted jackets in an attempt to fend off this week's freezing weather, in-between takes. Evidently it isn't just us students who are struggling with the snow.

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The camera crew also had a hard time preventing students and passers-by from making a cameo in their programme, as they walked straight through the shoot, ignoring its prestigious presenter.

Sir Robinson comes to Durham having recently been engaged in a twitter spat over an unpaid coffee bill whilst taking a break from filming in York. Fortunately, with Durham's endless supply of coffee chains we can't imagine it will hard for him to get served here.

We hope he has a great time filming in Durham, and, obviously, that Durham makes it as Britain's number one cathedral.