The Viaduct is getting a makeover, and it’s going to be lit every single night

365 days of Lumiere a year

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Durham County Council have begun work to create a new permanent light feature at Durham's Railway Arches, along with Milburngate developers, and Artichoke, the producers of Lumiere.

As an instantly recognisable Durham landmark, the viaduct's arches will soon become our answer to an all year round Lumiere, the country's biggest light festival, getting lit permanently.

Could the cathedral be next?

Katy Williams, a second year student at Collingwood, told The Tab: "I think it's quite a good thing because it brightens the place up, Durham can feel a bit drab at times so I don't see it as a bad thing! As long as it doesn't attract the crowds that Lumiere did I'm happy".

However, Mildert third year, George Walker, disagreed, telling The Tab he feared having the light installation all year round would "devalue" the festival and "it would just look silly during the day".

Looks pretty lit as it is tbh

During the four-day Lumiere Festival in November the arches were lit up by the colour-changing Arclight, a piece by Vicki Hay. It seems the Council are hoping to attract the same interest as the festival itself, which drew crowds of 240,000 last year.

It is thought this will be a collaborative piece, with Artichoke employing different artists to design a piece of artwork as a legacy with the aim of recognising Durham as a city of light.

Councillor Simon Henig of Durham County Council said: "Every Lumiere leaves a lasting effect on our county".

All it needs is a touch of pink

He continued: "That's why it's wonderful to have a permanent installation to light up the viaduct along this beautiful section of our railway network, and cement Durham's status as a place of light".

Whatever your opinion on light and its uses as a controversial crowd pleaser, it appears that by the end of this year Durham will become a literal beacon of culture and creativity.