What does your college horoscope say about you?

Is Klute the place for you to be this month?

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With the alignment of Pluto and Jupiter dawning, will the planets tell you how important that summative really is over a night out in Lloyd's?


Love Life: You've recently ended a relationship, once word is out that you're available, your dating calendar will be booked solid.

Most compatible with: A Hatfielder.

Work: It's going to be a tough month but with good commitment you will get through those essays.


Love Life: You're feeling nostalgic and sentimental, try to distract yourself with someone new.

Most compatible with: Someone from Ustinov.

Work: Give yourself a day off once a week to relax, you can't write all your essays after only three hours of sleep.


Love Life: You've been playing around for a while but this month you are going to settle down and meet someone.

Most compatible with: A Hild Beder.

Work: You've been neglecting your work and seshing too much, it's time to calm down and remember why you're at uni.


Love Life: You will realise that the person you need is right in front of you, someone that you have never considered in a romantic way.

Most compatible with: Someone from Grey.

Work: Don't push yourself too hard, you've got a busy month ahead, make sure you find time to relax.

Hild Bede

Love Life: You are carefree and make your own love opportunities, it's time to ask out that person you've always liked.

Most compatible with: Someone from Van Mildert.

Work: You may think you're on top of things, but you have a lot of work heading your way; be careful not to leave it until the last minute.

Josephine Butler

Love Life: It's time for you to re-evaluate your love life, something isn't working, either sort it out or let it go.

Most compatible with: Friends from home.

Work: Don't push yourself into work to avoid other things in your life, make sure you still have fun.


Love Life: You're single, unpredictable and carefree, embrace it and enjoy yourself, it's definitely not time to settle down yet.

Most compatible with: Someone from Castle.

Work: You didn't do as well as you'd hoped in your last assignment, use this to motivate you into working harder next time.


Love Life: You've recently been dumped, maybe it's time to try Tinder.

Most compatible with: Someone from Grey.

Work: You've been having trouble with some group work, talk to the group and sort it out before it's too late.


Love Life: You've been feeling very distant and secretive. Time to open up to the ones you love.

Most compatible with: Someone from John Snow.

Work: Don't forget about your social life because of work commitments, make sure you have a balance.


Love Life: You've had a tough year in the love department, but things are about to turn around.

Most compatible with: Someone from Mary's.

Work: You work too hard, make sure you still have time to go out and meet people.


Love Life: You know the things you've always wanted to try but never have. Now is the time to explore.

Most compatible with: Someone from John's.

Work: You are very modest about work and claim to have only just started your assignments when really they are all done.

John Snow

Love Life: It's time for you to be the pursuer rather than sitting back and waiting.

Most compatible with: Someone from Stephenson.

Work: Take some time off to enjoy yourself, you've earned it. University is about more than just studying.

Van Mildert

Love Life: It's time to let loose and have some casual encounters, get yourself to Klute.

Most compatible with: Someone from Trevs.

Work: It's time to clear your schedule, you've got way too much on your plate, something has to go.


Love Life: You are the master of sarcasm. Your flirting game is extremely poor, but somehow, someone is going to see deeper than that and fall for you this month, so don't mess it up!

Most compatible with: Someone from Collingwood.

Work: You need to chill out and take more naps.


Love Life: You will be very emotional this month and may say and do things contrary to common sense. You can expect some spontaneous, casual encounters with strangers.

Most compatible with: Someone from Chad's.

Work: You need to get your shit together, it's time to actually do some work.


Love Life: Your long-term love goals can wait for a while, you're young, enjoy yourself, head to Klute for something short-term.

Most compatible with: A Hatfielder.

Work: Try to keep a busy schedule this month, don't forget about your friends just because you may have a lot of work.