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This Durham student turned his Tinder bio into a presentation about himself

Including graphs, lists and pie charts

January's a busy time of year on Tinder, and you really do need to stand out from the crowd. Luckily, one Durham student has done just that.

Maths and Classics student, Tom, has a made a presentation – which was first spotted by The Tab – on Tinder explaining why you should swipe right.

It's got graphs, a pros and cons list and even pictures of him with puppies.

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Beyond this inviting initial slide, a whole presentation of wonders greet any potential swiper.

The 20-year-olds "About Me" page lets potential suitors know his nicknames include "LeCoq", and "Big Willy".

Some of his pros include being willing to "deal with spiders for you", while his cons include being short but still "distractingly attractive".

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If you're not sure whether you're compatible or not, just refer to his handy pie chart. Napping seems to be his most time-consuming hobby, but he still makes room for Netflix and animal videos.

Tom leaves a small amount of time for doing work, but reassuringly can make a graph good enough to show precisely how much happiness increases with him.

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And if you're worried it's a bit creepy, don't be – he as plenty of friends (some of them dogs), as demonstrated in slide four.

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Tom might not be the conventional Tinder user, but his efforts have seemed to pay off.

York St John student Maddie, who came across him and spread the word on Twitter, was impressed, and swiped right.

Makes your "6 foot, love rugby, not looking for anything serious" bio look thoroughly inadequate, doesn't it?