The Durham Finalists’ Bucket List

All those things you just have to do

Freshers feels like yesterday, yet what have you actually done during your three years at Durham? Have you really explored it, or have you just gone to Loveshack every Wednesday and done dozens of Bailey Bar Crawls?

Time is nearly up to finally do all those things you said you’d do on that first morning you were dropped off in 2013. Here is our definitive guide of what you just have to do before hitting LDN in September.

Go on a full college bar crawl

For once, make that effort to go up to JoBo. Finally visit all those colleges that, let’s face it, you could never be bothered to go to during the three years of your degree. Once you’re in London drink prices will never be so cheap as they were at uni, so there really is no excuse to not try each of those college drinks.

Go out in Newcastle

Take the risk. A night out in The Toon is really not as scary as it sounds, and it reminds you that there is life outside of the Durham Bubble. Also, with three trebles for a fiver, it really isn’t as pricey as you think. There’s even a Rodeo at Sam Jacks, but beware of the notorious vodka favoured by many popular Newcastle hangouts.

Hire one of the rowing boats

This is a relaxing thing to do during a revision break or a laugh when everyone else is still in the library and you have finished early. Take a picnic, take bae, and just chill. You get a cracking view of the Cathedral and Castle. It’s fabulous way on a sunny afternoon to see just how lucky you’ve been to study at such a stunner of a city.

Go to the beach

Seaham and Whitley Bay are two of the favourites, with many more about. When you’re hitting that 40 hour-a-week job this September, you’ll lose the freedom to just wake up one morning and decide to spend your hangover recovery at a sunny english beach. Make the most of it.

Go to June Ball

Get invited. Get on the entertainers’ list. Message everyone from Castle you have heard of. Basically, do anything you possibly can to get a spot on one of the UK’s top nights out. This is your one chance to be a Princess for the night and to be able to explore every part of the exclusive Castle which has previously been out of bounds.

Declare your love for that fresher’s crush

Just do it. You have nothing to lose. It’s the end of both your times here, they might feel the same way and it’s not like you’re both going to bump into each other in Clapham…

Do a naked Formal

We dare you. At no other time in your life will this be socially acceptable or appropriate, so now really is your final chance. Flash those legs and feel the exhilaration of your tutors not knowing there’s nothing underneath. Naughty, but oh so nice.

Go on the Prince Bishop

You’ve walked past it every day for three or four years, and have said every time “I need to go on that boat” but how many of you have actually done it? It’s an iconic part of our river and actually a massive giggle. Book it for that last minute birthday party or social…they are famous for a cracking BBQ and sometimes will throw in a jug or two.

Get an ice cream from Chapters

Let’s face it, this is one of the cutest things you can do in Durham. Different to the rest of Durham’s favourite tea rooms and cafes, Chapter’s Ice Cream Bar has something a bit retro and American about it. You can either sit in with your ridiculous amount of toppings and sauces, or take your treat outside to sit along the race course and watched the rowing.

Go to Stockton (RIP)

This one probably isn’t just for you lucky finalists, considering the Stockton Campus is soon to be no more for everyone. It’s really not as far away as you think, there’s a free bus, and a full college bar crawl is a lie unless it includes John Snow and Stevenson.