Castle have a new welfare puppy coming tomorrow and it’s called Jolene

She’s only eight-weeks-old

For all of you who drunkenly sob over your Alfies and Lulus back home and pay vast amounts on rail fares to go back south for some weekend snuggles, Castle has the remedy.

Tomorrow afternoon will see eight-week-old Jolene’s first visit to Castle, in her primary step to following her older pal Blackjack in his role on the welfare committee.

This is too much.

Blackjack has always been a crucial and prominent member of the Castle community, having attended important events such as Castle Day, and hosting welfare walks throughout the year. He is a hugely popular and much cherished part of college life, and gives the welfare system something extra to offer students who are feeling a bit low and snowed under.

Both the pups will be attending future student welfare and support sessions, with the aim of giving the summie – stressed some much needed, and adorably cute, cuddles and puppy love.

A loyal supporter of Castle Students

On their Facebook page these two fluffy cherubs claim to be Labradors who “love walkies, playtime & meeting new people”, three vital qualities for any perfect pooch and member of the JCR.

When asked how she feels about the arrival of baby Jolene, Netball Social Chair Lydia Reid told the The Tab: “Puppies make everyone happy, you can already judge the positive response from the amount of likes the welfare posts have been raking in. It’s no surprise there’s a new bitch causing commotion at Castle.”

Third year English Lit Student Gemma Craig was made speechless by her excitement about her new four-pawed friend, with her only response being “It’s so fluffy!!!!”


Jolene, welcome to the family.