Being robbed in Freshers’ Week was devastating

What a way to start second year


In the second safest city for students, few get robbed or burgled. But six unlucky second years returned home from a night out to find their lives turned upside down.

Wil Moody and his friends had a shocking start to Freshers’ Week. After a night at Cosmic Dance in Loft the group came home to find thieves broke in to their house and took a crate of beer, two X box controllers and two laptops.

Read Wil’s harrowing tale

Little was it known, as the six students danced like it was going out of fashion, that our brand spanking new house was being broken into by what is suspected to be a marauding mob of opportunist thieves running havoc in our beautiful northern city.

Two of my housemates returned home to find the back door wide open and two laptops missing. The police were rung and after a mild bout of self pity, brief witness statements were taken and details filled in.

After our own investigation, we realised the rogues climbed through a ground level window and grabbed the few things they could find lying about, exiting through the back door.

The realisation of what was missing happened slowly. The two laptops were immediately noticed – only later in the day did we realise that a brand new football, two X Box controllers and a crate of beer had also been stolen.

They must have had a real good night – at our expense.

The real excitement happened when the rest of the house returned home, several friends from other unis in tow. Much to the annoyance of the boy whose laptop had disappeared, the friends were little help when they obnoxiously asked “Have you phoned the police?”

Myself being one of those inebriated returners, we were promptly shipped to bed where we feared that my attic window would be smashed through by a group of armed thieves and brutally murdered. We fell asleep rather quickly.

Our brief melee into the dark underbelly of Durham’s burgeoning crime scene was concluded by a visit from Durham Constabulary’s own CSI team. Not quite as glamorous as CSI: Miami, but essentially the same thing.

They say you always learn from your mistakes. What we’ve learnt from this experience is being a fresher isn’t something that stops as soon as you join second year. You can be a fresher, even in second year, and make silly fresher mistakes. Lest we learn.