These rugby boys brought their pet goldfish to the college fashion show

Something fishy happened at Castle Fashion Show


This year’s fashion shows have been events of fun and excitement,raising large sums of money for worthwhile causes.

But Castle’s Charity Fashion Show had some especially notable guests, with the college rugby team bringing a pair of live goldfish.

A source close to the action has tried to explain the fishes’ attendance. He told us: “Apparently they were bought to see if they could be looked after. A bit like socials have eggs, they just had two goldfish.

“They were nice looking ones so they would survive the night.”

An artist’s impression of what the scene may have looked like

Another source excitedly told us: “They made it to the fashion show and throughout the night. The guys who had them in the morning went and bought a tank with plants and decorations for them.”

Thankfully the little critters survived the exciting night out and it even looks like they’ve earned themselves a caring home.

We caught up with the new owner of the fashion show’s VIP guests, who said: “they came to our latest Rugby game.”

He also explained the origins of the fish, and explained how one of the fish had a very productive night out.

He said: “We bought two fish, and took them out in bags. I think one made it to Wiff Waff and one went home with a second year girl, so technically he pulled.”

The fish, named Joey and Boris, are “currently living together in a fish tank, well fed, with some nice plants. They come to all our games.”