Best Costumes: The Boys

Dressing up is a time honoured tradition at Durham, we take a look at the guys who got it very right.

Fred // 3rd year // Collingwood

There should be a collage, a collection, a mural, of the number of outrageous pictures of Mr Collingwood. Not only does he continuously wear flamboyant shirts and leg bearing skirts, he persists with his uncut, au natural hairstyle that allows for classic designs – a personal favourite of mine – the primary school bunches.

Digby // 3rd year // Cuth’s

Now I feel an element of competition between the two longhaired beauties. With Digby’s flowing mane, it’s no wonder he enjoys to dress up as a cave man. And what strikes me most is the way men self-confidently drop their pants and bare their chests to claim the position as the alpha male to show the results of all those leg days – life a rower…

Tom // 1st year // Hild Bede

Long gone are the days of timid freshers with body shy fancy dress outfits. Tom is evidently keen to show off his toned physique – just minimal clothing and a bit of glitter, here. But Tom is eager to show off his taste of underwear; sporting the classic Calvin Klein’s that match is pink body paint: a sign of a real man.

Ben // 3rd year // Hatfield

Ben’s casual attire to Hatfield bar allowed him to showcase his proudest attribute – his peachy derriere. The shiny spandex is a common feature of Ben’s wardrobe and coupled with the glitter on his face, he makes a fine figure skater. His natural over the shoulder glance allows him to smoulder the camera without looking posed but sadly he’s fooling nobody – you can tell he rehearses this in his spare time.

Ben // 2nd year // Hild Bede

The amount of sass in Ben’s attire is unbelievable. There is only a certain type of man who can pull of a hula skirt and bra with a two handed hip pose. He has fully grasped the Hawaiian theme and he should be proud of his efforts – showcasing his cleavage and chest whilst attempting (and failing) to retain his dignity with cycling shorts.

Alex // 3rd year // Hatfield

In isolation, Alex just looks like a feeble attempt at impersonating the hulk, however with the rest of his team – also known as the Château Roquelune – they form this year’s best fancy dress: The Green Army. The amount of effort that went into the preparation, from spray painting jackets and trousers, to making bucket hats, to cutting cardboard to stand on, allows a credible amount of recognition. But what really makes the outfit great is the oil-based face paint that gives Alex a beautiful sweaty glow.