You’re pulling my Leg-o

A Durham student has earned over £10,000 from making Lego models


Jack Streat, a third year Engineer from Van Mildert, has managed to earn more than a year of uni fees creating Lego guns that could actually fire.

The President of the Durham Rock Society became a YouTube hit when he uploaded the videos of his home-made weapons.

Back in the day.

Although most people stopped playing with Lego at 13, Jack persevered and managed to make the small fortune through Youtube sponsors and a published book before he was 18.

Catching up with him now, he said “I’ve actually kind of lost contact with my fanbase, as life has been so busy recently but when I was still active as a builder, I’d post to my Youtube channel and MOCpages account.”

“I wouldn’t be able to quote exact figures, but the combination of royalties from the book and advert revenue from Youtube is now well over £10k, which is not exactly bad going”

Jack now, playing with his band instead of bricks.

He started building when he was about thirteen and turned towards guns because they were “the coolest things in the world.” Before that he’d been working with the Lego robotics kit, “which was a lot less focused on weaponry.”

Jack did not use any blueprints for his designs, but would usually research a gun in the week and would have it finished, with videos up, by the Sunday.

Jack’s favourite, the Jungle Carbine.

The Tab tried to find out more about the man behind the guns.

Jack describes himself as “not a nightclub person” and thinks all clubs in Durham “are equally bad,” but he does perform with his band Aquilonis at Full Collapse and Fishtank:

He said he has spent his earnings on guitars and amps and unfortunately no longer plays with Lego.

However if he had chosen to spend the money elsewhere he could have bought:

  • 1183 litres of quaddie
  • Loveshack entry every  Wednesday for 48 years
  • 2004 pepperoni pizzas from Urban Oven
  • 59 annual passes to Legoland

Check out his Youtube channel here.