Journey into Paradise

Now in it’s fifth week, Paradise Disco is fast becoming a staple Durham night. Lorcan Treacy looks at why…

When we first sat down with the boys behind Fever last year, there was a definite sense of uncertainty as to how successful their venture would be.

They gave themselves the massive task of thinking outside the box and making every event ‘different from the last’. This even included the rogue option of giving out watermelon at 2 in the morning.

However, a year and many packed events later, things have turned out so well that they’ve even been able to start another night.

After four successful weeks, Paradise Disco returns to Wiff Waff again tonight. The Tab has been looking in to what we know already, and can expect in the future.

Labelling itself as ‘something new for Durham nightlife’, Paradise Disco is a the newest addition to Monday nights and the latest bid to try and draw students away from the traditional Loft/Klute duopoly.

The organisers claim that it’s not as intense musically as some other nights around, with an emphasis on not being pretentious, something lots see as a breath of fresh air, especially in Durham.

The focus seems to be really just on having fun – attendees of previous nights have praised what they describe as the ‘chilled out, sexy vibe’ and the fact that the night offers 3 doubles for £6 seems to be an even bigger draw for others.

Obligatorily edgy emblem

We headed down last week to find out what all the hype was about and chatted to students already queuing up outside.

Tom, a fresher from Trev’s told us that ‘cheap booze and a £3 entry fee’ were ‘proper student student prices’.

Mikey, a second year from Castle praised the fact that the night had managed to ‘make Wiff Waff cool’.

While last week offered hula girls, exotic cocktails and far too many Hawaiian shirts for a club in the North-East of England, this week, in accordance with the ‘every night different from the last’ theme, holds something completely different and, as the organisers have secretively told us, ‘an edible surprise’.

Almost makes you forget about the cold