Is Durham under the grip of the Default Man?

Warning: contains dicks.

The great debate over whether society is dominated by middle-class white males has long been a contentious issue, and is still relevant today.

Many intellectual, high-powered and prominent individuals have involved themselves in the discussion, making sure that it remains a relevant issue rather than sweeping it under the rug.

Grayson Perry, father of a Tab journalist, joined the throng when he wrote an article for the New Statesman last week entitled ‘The rise and fall of Default Man.’

In this he makes many an interesting, enlightening and informative point, but there was one part that really stood out to us.

Perry writes, ‘paddle your canoe up the River Thames and you will come round the bend and see a forest of huge totems jutting into the sky.

‘Great shiny monoliths in various phallic shapes, they are the wondrous cultural artefacts of a remarkable tribe.’

The Tab has therefore taken it upon itself to involve itself in this prestigious debate by testing Perry’s assertion in the streets of Durham….

They dominate religion

They dominate learning

They dominate travel

They’re in your houses

Waging war on the streets

Telling you where to go

Monitoring your mail

Hiding in the darkness

Not even the kids are safe