A bit of a Tynka: How to meet people in modern society

Since new love app Tynka are hosting a night at Loveshack this week, ORIEL WELLS decided to investigate how we might find love outside Bill Bryson now exams are finishing….

Pull them in a club

Trying to meet someone in a club is begging for trouble. The loud music prevents you from hearing a word they’re saying, so there’s a real risk of thinking that you’ve agreed to go for coffee on Saturday, when you’ve actually just signed up to partake in a Norse Cult ceremony on the A1.

Your conversational skills also aren’t up to scratch as you have to be on constant look-out for rogue drinks and wandering fingers. Most importantly, as sad as it may be, club relations can never be anything more than a one night stand. The mantra of the shark is to ‘hit it and quit it’, and if you think otherwise, then rest assured that your follow up text the next day will immediately have them referring to you as the stalker.

No privacy.

Sign up to online dating

Online dating hasn’t quite succeeded in removing itself from the category of desperate 30 somethings who can feel the constant ticking of the biological clock and are willing to jump into bed with anyone to avoid the painful spinster state that is fast becoming inescapable to them.

It’s all too trusting format also means that you could very well end up on a date with that guy who you once met at a jumble sale and thought your mutual appreciation of nodding head dogs meant you were soul mates.

The threat is real.

Approach strangers in the street

If you think this is a good idea there’s probably no hope for you anyway so you might as well keep trying until someone with a butterfly net comes and takes you away to a ‘safe place’. Hollywood films may tell us that asking an attractive person on the street out for dinner and then pursuing them in a cheeky but persistent manner until they agree will result in a hopelessly romantic fling, or indeed a life-long friendship.

Unfortunately, reality isn’t like that, and you’re much more likely to end up with a pepper sprayed eye and a court order than a second date.

Your new apparel.

Get your friends to introduce you to someone new

Unless you’ve surrounded yourself with sadistic psychopaths, your friends probably have your best interests at heart, and will therefore try and set you up with someone nice. However, if they’re setting you up with someone the fact is that they don’t want them. Settling for someone’s second choice isn’t the worst option, but you’ll always see them as someone else hand-me-downs.

‘He’s a really nice guy….’

And then there’s Tynka…

This new iphone app, launching in university campuses across the country, allows you to meet a range of new people without the risk of a restraining order. The app was created by an ex-Durham student and is only available to university students so you won’t have to take the risk of accidentally meeting up with a local.

The basics.

You may be seeing similarities with Tinder, and indeed both apps share the same elements of swiping, photos and only being able to see those who liked you back. It still relies heavily on people’s image to make a decision, but it also allows you to search people based on mutual interests so there’s more chance of you getting more than just a meaningless shag.

With over 90% of students indicating that they would like to be included in a searchable directory of students listing their interests, you’re sure to find someone who shares a more substantial connection than having the same eye colour.

Don’t be shy!

After having a chat with your connected match and getting to know them a bit, (or if you’re really keen, before the chat), you can choose to either coffee, drinks or wink them.

If they choose the same then you’re ready to go! This prevents any awkward confusion of interests, as there’s nothing worse than turning up to a date with a wallet full of condoms only to discover she’s brought her long term boyfriend along.

Tynka is hosting Loveshack this week to start the post-exam season and free entry will be given to the first 70 people who can show they’re using the app…