RESULTS: Durham’s Worst College

The Tab brings you the results of the most popular voting-based contest since Eurovision.

After over 1,500 of you voted, we can now reveal that the worst college in Durham is…HATFIELD.

Walked all over

In a landslide ‘victory’, the filthy rahs received 32% of the vote, with prison-like Trevs coming a close second with 25%.

Not for everyone (Credit: Gordon Griffiths)

Cuth’s fared the best in the poll, with a mere 93 people hating it the most, showing that close proximity to a prison is not as hateful as unexplained college-based rivalries, or indeed ill-thought out architectural aesthetics.

Unremarkable, though, isn’t it? (Credit: DWaterson)

In fact, more people hated Hatfield than Butler and Ustinov put together. Evidently people quite like having to cook for themselves and being cut off from society at large.


As ever, a Hatfield fresher had something to say about the matter, opting for the diplomatic and restrained ‘You know what. We don’t give a shit. Fuck you, fuck you all.’ 

‘Fuck you all’