Hill vs Bailey: Ask the captains

With another set of exams looming and the number of pointlessly irritating library selfies at an all-time-high, we thought we’d give you a bit of a break with the captains’ views on this year’s hotly anticipated Hill vs Bailey charity rugby match.

As in previous years, men’s and women’s sides comprised of Palatinates from across all the colleges (yes, even Stockton, who have been lumped together with the Hill) will compete to prove which group of colleges really is the best.

We asked the captains a few questions before the final showdown…

Hill, Men’s – Declan Lamyman – Sport Exercise and Physical Activity – Collingwood – Back Row

Bailey, Men’s – Rupert Harbig – Economics – Cuths – Fullback

Hill, Women’s – Marianne Skinner – Chemistry – Van Mildert – Number 8

Bailey, Women’s – Miriam Gannon – Sport, Exercise and Physical Activity – Cuths – Fly Half

Tab: Which is better, Hill or Bailey?

DL: Hill because we’ve won for the last 3 years in a row.  And the white kit is cooler.

MG: [Bailey for] the talent, the banter, the team spirit and the nothing to lose attitude.

MS: The Hill, in general, is way more fun and carefree, and that’s definitely reflected in our team; we work hard but we also have a great time together. Rain or shine, win or lose, we’ll be having a blast.

Hitters from the Hill – Marianne(t) and Dec

Tab: Which is the worst college and why?

DL: Hatfield.  No one likes Hatfield.

MG: Maybe Butler or Ustinov, because they’re so far away? Actually on that basis surely that makes the Stockton colleges the worst?

MS: That’s a pretty tricky question, I’ll have to go with John’s purely because the bar isn’t built to handle socials, or people over five foot tall.

John’s – serving pious hobbits since 1909

Tab: What do you think of the opposition?

DL: I’ll decide after the game, I suppose.

RHThe hill always seem to produce a very big tight five so expecting them to be strong in the scrum as usual with some pace out wide.

MG: They’ve got a strong side but the majority of their players are from DUWRFC 1s or 2s so we already know their strengths and weaknesses, like their obsession with bulking which will make it easier to run round them!

MS: I don’t.

Bailey ballers – Miriam and Rupert

Tab: Who’s their danger man/woman?

DL: Ellis Bland.  Great hair.

RH: Winger from Grey…he’s rapid.

MG: Emma Reynolds – A rugby fresher who plays for the 2s and recently excelled in the BUCS 7s tournament.

MS: One to watch is definitely Dawn Lui, it’s like trying to tackle a bar of soap and she’s bloody fast too.

Tab:  And your secret weapon?

DL: David Sparrow’s tactics

RH: You’ll have to wait and see for that one

MG: Wouldn’t be a secret if we told anyone… buuuut let’s say she’s from Hatfield…

MS: We’ve got a few flair moves lined up but I couldn’t possibly say what they were! We also have a few super subs to bring on for some added power later in the game.

Not Sparrow (Image: freephotosbank.com)

Tab: It’s really all about the big hits…Who do you most want to dump tackle?

DL: All of them.

RH: Getting one over on your opposite man is always enjoyable, so whoever lines up at 15.

MG: Ellie Pitcher – she’s a fellow DU winger and smaller than me so probably the only person I might be able to dump tackle!

MS: I’ll be going after Genevieve Moody, my captain from this past season, to get her back for all the fitness sessions. She also ate my pizza on a night out, which is quite frankly unforgiveable.

Tab: How will you celebrate if you win?

DL: A messy one in Shack most likely

RH: Loveshack…obviously

MG: Probably cry due to being so proud of my girls… and maybe strawpedo a bottle of champers or something!

MS: I’ll buy everyone on my team shots!

Perhaps Mr Caro could provide some insight into the art of downing bubbles…

Get down to Durham City RFC this Wednesday, where festivities will begin at 6pm – and with £2 pints available from the Clubhouse bar, you’ll be able to celebrate, or drown your sorrows, without the grim spectre of Team Durham reprimanding you for whispering a bit too loudly.

Tickets are currently on sale every day between 10-12am and 2-4pm in the library for £3, with all proceeds going to Sport in Action Zambia.

Go on, you know you want to.