RESULTS: Durham’s Worst Clique

The Tab bring you the hotly anticipated worst clique award results.

After over 1,000 of you voted, we can now reveal that THE RAHS have emerged as Durham’s most hated clique.

Don’t take it to heart

The notorious ‘posh twats’ fought off tough competition from the Durham Rangers and the Lash Stash Gang to claim the top spot with just over 28% of the final vote.

A valiant 3rd place

Surprisingly, the geeks are your least hated clique, with a mere 5.63% of you putting them in first place, suggesting that geek chique could really be a thing.

Surprisingly well-loved

Perhaps these results are an outcry from Durham students against the often-reported public school stereotype, most recently seen in this controversial article.

That writer wasn’t impressed

So Rahs, if you’re are reading this, Durham students really do hate you as much as you think they do. Sorry.

Not so cool