17 things only a Durham History student will understand

Summative clashes and no job prospects: 17 things you’ll only understand if you’re a Durham Historian.

1. There’s no such thing as a key course textbook to rely on for all the answers…


2. And the books you do need are trapped in ridiculous, immovable shelving units

3. Everything’s a little bit decrepit, just to emphasise that you are doing a history degree. No shiny Calman Centre for us

4. At least you can roll out of bed ten minutes before a seminar due to the department’s convenient town location…

5. Although asbestos conveniently forces everyone out to Ushaw before exams

6. Every social requires enthusiasm and an impressive historically-themed dressing up box…

7. But if you do go, you’re rewarded with the legendary ‘I <3 History’ t-shirt

8. You get nearly as many field trips as Geography due to the distinct lack of old stuff in Durham.

9. You’ve discovered that Horrible Histories actually covers everything with total historical accuracy. And songs.

10. You always have the suspicion that all the professors got together to arrange all of the summative deadlines in one week, just for kicks.

11. Apart from that one late module, which expects you to stay in Durham over Christmas to hand in your paper copy. Happy holidays.

12. The only compulsory Conversations module is essentially a practise dissertation

13. You’re a valued member of any pub quiz team due to the assumption you know everything that happened before this century…

14. Before the awkward fall out when it turns out you don’t know ALL the answers

15. Still, everyone assumes that you can only be a history teacher with your degree…

16. Until you too realise that you aren’t actually qualified for anything

17. But hey, at least we’re better than Oxford