A Moulin Rouge triumph for Grey

Megan Magee was at Grey College Charity Fashion Show on Saturday night

Amongst the sea of college fashion shows taking place this term, Grey managed to impress and stood out from the crowd. This was perhaps the result of the organisers’, (Sophie Young and Olivia Christie) arguably risky decision to have a Moulin Rouge theme. They aimed to make it the most fun fashion show to date, which in the end, was pulled off spectacularly.

Organisers Olivia Christie and Sophie Young

Ed Noble revealing slightly too much

The show featured music that reflected the night’s fun atmosphere, with well-choreographed walks thanks to DUCFS model, Emma Gloyne, who this time shied away from the catwalk, instead taking on a backstage role. The models also displayed some of their own interesting moves on the night, with the boys’ underwear walk giving their own (rather questionable) interpretation of a curling match. The university dance troupe, a regular occurrence on the college fashion show circuit, also performed a routine that adhered to the night’s theme.

The models showcased a variety of brands which perfectly catered for the typical wannabe Durham hipster (there were plenty of beanies on show). However, this year’s Grey show upped the ante with the addition of a swim wear walk courtesy of B London Boutique. Not forgetting the quintessential Moulin Rouge underwear walk, which gave the boys a chance to showcase their liberal application of both fake tan and baby oil, in their bid to ensure the girls didn’t steal all the limelight.

Queen of the catwalk? Franki Wiley in B London swimwear

Tangoed. Harry Thompson’s interesting fake tan application


The comperes, Phil Kelvin and Henry Cook, did a brilliant job holding the show together and getting the audience involved. But the most amusing occurrence of the night came in the form of George Reaveley’s turn on the catwalk during the auction of promises, although his attempt to give the models a run for their money quickly began to resemble a strip tease, so fortunately was abruptly ended.

Not quite model material. George Reavley’s catwalk invasion

Spot the difference…

The show has raised roughly £3,500 for both Teenage Cancer Trust and United World Schools, considerably topping last year’s total. This proves that in its fourth year now, Grey College Charity Fashion Show continues to get bigger and better, and we should all look forward to seeing what they have in store for us next year.

Watch the video and see for yourself here.