Welcome to TheGoodLife

There’s a new website in town that’s drumming up a lot of hype. We sat down with founder and Durham student, Richard Meaney, to chat about what the future holds. Welcome to TheGoodLife.

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So what is TheGoodLife?

Basically, it is a way to connect the worlds of Nightlife, Music, and Fashion. TheGoodLife’s overall aim is to create a real buzz about the thriving music and fashion scenes in the North East through  our YouTube channel called TheGoodVibes, Facebook page, and website.

One of the several top tunes available on TheGoodVibes

What made you start it?

Since moving to the North East in 2012, I’ve loved the music scene here; with the guys at NOVA, Fever, and Soul Train holding it down for Durham, and in Newcastle with the nights at Cosmic Ballroom and WHQ.

I set the site up as a way of connecting producers and DJs in the area, to provide exposure to new mixes and tunes, and to provide promotion for nights both in Newcastle and Durham.

Richard Meaney – founder, entrepreneur, bored Politics and IR student

Explain TheGoodStyle thing to me…

TheGoodStyle is a Fashion blog which works with local independent fashion stores and labels. TheGoodStyle has weekly fashion updates, and we’ve just launched our first competition, courtesy of FredDealer Menswear and Oill Denmark.



FredDealer and TheGoodLife are offering awesome competitions over the next couple of weeks, with the current one offering the chance to cop a brand new pair of Oill trainers, Religion Black Aftershave, or a wafflesncream 5 Panel.

Look at all that gear…

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(Winner will be announced February 26th)

Sweet, so what else is there to look forward to?

I’m currently trying to create a nightlife exchange featuring Durham and Newcastle’s incredibly talented DJs and Producers. One night in Newcastle, one night in Durham, and we’ve also got some sick material coming up on the YouTube channel.

Welcome to TheGoodLife.

Cheers buddy, good luck!

If you want to win some goodies, get some GoodVibes, and have a GoodNight, visit TheGoodLife!


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