Welcome to TheGoodLife

There’s a new website in town that’s drumming up a lot of hype. We sat down with founder and Durham student, Richard Meaney, to chat about what the future holds. Welcome to TheGoodLife.

14 things you’ll only understand if you’re an arts student

The Arts span a number of different disciplines, but there are a few shared experiences that separate us from those sneering scientists…

Reviewed: HAIR

Leo Mylonadis lavishes in the energy and excellence at the first night of DULOG’s “overwhelmingly enjoyable” production of ‘Hair’.

Introducing: Durham University Records

The Tab talks to record label ‘Head Honcho’ Manav Bir Singh about how he hopes to give Durham musicians a shot at the big time.

WIN guestlist entry for SubConscious

Durham DJ Society’s first event is just days away, and you could be there with five of your friends

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The One Music talks you through some music to help you forget your exams

Lyrically Challenged

With fear and loathing, SIAN DOLDING takes a look at the lyrics the kids are listening to these days…

True Colours

SIAN DOLDING talks to student Adele Pope about being the talk of the town with charity single “True Colours” out this week…