Job Lot 2: Deals Heaven or Rotting Hell?

POPPY OVENDEN goes to investigate the shop which sells the products the supermarkets don’t want.

The concept: sell on food that is faulty/past its best before date for cheap prices. It only opened a few weeks ago but Job Lot 2, the bargain superstore on North Road, is already doing so well that it’s having to move to larger premises. The Tab had a quick chat to the owner to find out more:


The Tab: So, getting to the nitty gritty, are most of the things you sell here past their sell by date?

Job Lot 2: No, no, no!

Tab: They’re not?

JL2: [sighs as if he’s been asked this before] A lot of people don’t appreciate there’s two dates. A use by and the best before. The use by you must use it by [Tab: sounds legit] and it’s illegal to sell that, but best before…

Tab: Ah I see what you did there. The idea being that it makes things a lot cheaper for everyone else?

JL2: Well yes of course, but we don’t base our business on everything being out of date because it’s not, it’s just bits and pieces…

Tab: Uh huh, sure. Do you think it’s been a hit then?

JL2: Well, we’re getting bigger premises. [Tab: Bit arrogant].

Agressive propaganda

Tab: Staying on North Road?

JL2: Yes, we’re moving two doors down.

Tab: Seems a lot of effort. Last question, we’re all dying to know, why is it called Job Lot 2?

JL2: There used to be a company called Job Lot, which was a very good company but it was sold out eventually, but they mainly sold frozen food, and we don’t sell frozen food at the moment so I didn’t want to be just like them.

Tab: Mystery solved!

The owner’s best assurances weren’t enough, so I decided to do some research of my own and bought a packet of their Fox’s ginger creams, which were apparently in date until this March. I couldn’t tell whether they tasted funny or whether ginger creams just don’t taste the same as I remember, but for what they were they were good value.


However, it seems others did not have such pleasant experiences. One Mary’s second year said  ‘My chocolate fingers were in date, I checked, and the packaging looked pretty normal like genuine Cadburys. However, they tasted funny, were stale, there was no chocolate and they weren’t crunchy’ .

A Chad’s second year seems to agree, saying ‘My pasta was in date, but it seemed to be second hand from a bargain supermarket in Turkey.’ Bit suspect.

However, if you do want to take the plunge, Job Lot 2 is on North Road, near Boots.