The best of Durham’s ‘Neck and Nominate’

There’s been no missing Neck and Nominate all over your Facebook feed, but we’ve trawled through them all from Durham to show you how it should be done.


Anyone who is an active member of Facebook has surely by now seen one of the increasingly ubiquitous ‘Neck and Nominate’ videos cluttering our home pages; the format is simple, just a video of yourself downing a drink as quickly as possible and a nomination for someone else to do the same.

Naturally, Durham leads the world in terms of inventiveness and humour, so we thought we’d provide you with a few of our favourites from the bubble – but as always, drink responsibly and don’t be an idiot

Felix Petit

They said it couldn’t be done, and they were wrong. However this isn’t the first time Felix has taken the plunge from Kingsgate Bridge (incidentally celebrating its 50th birthday), although the corresponding internet rage when the video was put on Overheard in Durham was something to behold. Fair play to the bloke for trying again.

Whilst we here at The Tab applaud Felix’s selflessness in putting our entertainment ahead of his own personal safety, we’d like to warn potential imitators to reconsider.

Josh Golding

Providing us with a more gentle touch than others, the juxtaposition between the bubble bath and the sub-5 seconds finish really impressed us. It’s important to remember that he really does love downing pints.

Carey Fenton

Tying in to the sense of friendly camaraderie mentioned earlier, the success this attempt has at getting people involved really left a sincere impression upon us. Perhaps the pint time could be improved, but I’m not one to throw stones in glasshouses.

Harris Stephenson

Described by the man himself as a ‘cinematic masterpiece’, this video channels the 1963 Alfred Hitchcock film ‘The Birds’ with a cheeky alcopop-based twist. Whether you’re a fan of the plot or not, 11 Bacardi Breezers by lunchtime is impressive.

Chris Balfour & Tom Caffyn

This ‘2 for the price of 1’ effort had to be included, if only for the twist ending. Just watch it, you’ll see what we mean.

Ben Veitch

This stunning take on JCVD’s Volvo advert from Ben Veitch is not only impressive in its drinking but also in the physical feat it displays. Again, applauded but not actively encouraged.


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