College Bar Crackdown

This week the police sent underage girls into college bars to try and get served, causing some to ask whether this is bureaucracy gone too far?

This move, implemented in order to crack down on underage drinking in Durham Colleges, involved underage girls being served in college bars without having their IDs checked.

Some students choose to swap less than a fiver for 27 units…and irreparable liver damage.

Some students believe this sudden action by police is politically motivated. In light of recent deaths through the ‘Neck & Nominate’ craze this may appear as an attempt to hinder excessive drinking. The incidents were serious, but bars have tightened their grip, issued warnings to their staff and repeat events are unlikely.

As one student said “the problem isn’t with college bars, but the culture of going out to get fucked”

The controversy this week has resulted in police meetings at every college bar as a warning and to implement stronger ID checks.

“It was between that or Muhammed.”

Some bars are suffering due to students electing to have cheaper, heavier pres elsewhere so there are worries this may further slow business. A staff member at one college bar told The Tab that on busier nights IDing every person can slow service to almost a standstill.

One second year said “It’s not the fault of the college bars… the police should know that it’s students’ own fault if they head out rat-arsed because they downed 70cl of vodka or strawpedoed three bottles of wine at pres to look cool in front of their friends.”

“God save the quee- I mean, signet ring!”

If underage students are served at bars, this may result in a criminal conviction for the server if they are caught.

The police did not charge this time but will not be as forgiving in future.