People you can’t avoid in Durham

With Durham as teeny as it is, you’re bound to see a lot of familiar faces when you trek into town. Here are just some of them:

People you’ve hooked up with

You look away. They look away. You know the drill. It never happened

Good times

Old School Friends

You’d forgotten they existed, deleted them on Facebook months ago, but here they are, cunningly having followed you to university. Expect awkward chit-chat, ‘do you remember when…’ and stale in-jokes.

‘Do you remember that day…’

Neighbours you never normally see

During your next Tesco mission,  karma will slap you in the face for leaving that guy in Loveshack and you’ll bump into your next door neighbour. You think you have absolutely nothing in common with them but have no fear, you can re-connect over what’s in each others’ baskets and what you’re having for dinner tonight. Maybe consider putting something interesting in there to start a conversation, like a whole salmon.

‘Nice dinner planned?’

People you thought only existed in Seminar-land

That person who you’ve never seen outside your Ottoman empire seminar actually has a life outside of their course. Who knew? Course, you won’t have anything to say to them apart from ‘When’s our next seminar?’

Wasn’t the last one fascinating?

People wearing stash

Do they come straight from sports practice? Do they wear it to show off? Is it sewn to their legs? We just don’t know. One thing is certain though, you’ll count at least 25 people wearing some form of DU[insert sports club initials] item on your walk.



Filling the city centre with music (?), memorable ‘characters’ include the man with the accordion on the bridge and the group of Asians who can sometimes play their trumpets with only one hand. Full list can be seen here.


Big Issue Dude

This guy is just the best. He knows all the locals and old ladies literally go up and hug him. I went up to ask him for a photo, got my purse out to buy his magazine, realised it was empty, and he sent me away with a free copy and a ‘God bless you’. What a guy.

‘Everybody knows me’


Coming from near and far, these guys can be identified by their surprise at the fact we have two Waterstones (we’ve all been there) and the way they idly meander towards the big cheese landmark itself: the Cathedral.

Officially the cathedral with the most facebook likes

Think we’ve missed any out? Write them in the comments below.