Tough Guy: Get over it

Congratulations if you were actually mad enough to go through with the brutal Tough Guy challenge yesterday. However, the aftermath of this horrific ordeal may cause a re-evaluation of some key core values. As the pain sets in, here are 5 steps to help you overcome the trauma.

1. Succumb to the temptation to curl up in a ball and cry

The flashbacks of falling off obstacles, swimming through cold mud and running through fire are more than a good enough reason for a duvet day. It’s time to thaw out and accept the consequences of your bravery, namely feeling like shit.

It’s all too much

2. Eat your body weight in junk food.

You’ll have burnt about 4000 calories in the 3 or 4 hours on the course. Obviously you’ll need to replace that half stone lost from the physical torture you chose to endure. Times like these are what Dominos was made for.


3. Milk it

Slack off the cleaning rota, get your housemates to bake and bring you tea, or even have your friends take lecture notes for you. You may normally be a superhuman, but you couldn’t possibly leave the comfort of your bed just yet. This is your chance to be generally unbearable with the solid excuse of self-sacrifice for the good of others.

Correct housemate

4. Rehabilitate yourself slowly

When you are finally ready to leave your room, it is essential to be as comfortable as it’s possible to be with blisters and aching muscles.  If that means wearing a onesie to seminars, do it. No one that tough can possibly look weak in fluffy slippers.


5. Brag

Once you are on the mend, make the most of your bragging rights on a night out. Whether it is respect, a free drink or a pulling strategy you’re after, use your new ‘Tough Guy’ status to impress. Who knows, that shiny medal might make you completely irresistible to those who didn’t see you crying on the coach home.