The Tignes Choice Awards 2014

The Tab has trawled through all the photos from the last week to bring you the best and the worst from the slopes

Best On-Piste Outfit

This boy is getting it right, and co-ordination is key. The matching helmet, salopettes, gloves and poles combined with contrasting goggles and skis makes for very flare gears.

Style – and the skills to match

Worst On-Piste Outfit

Wearing a T-shirt in the snow is not even acceptable for the ESF instructors with their rippling muscles and St Tropez tans. And we should all perhaps think twice before proclaiming oneself a ‘baller’.

If you’re going to look this stupid at least wear a ski mask

Coolest Headgear

No one really knew who this kid was. Some say he was the son of the French President. Some say lived on the mountain with the wolves. Some say he was only two years old. Kid, The Tab congratulates you.

Speaks for itself really

Best of the Pool Party

These Pool Party participants have done an excellent job in avoiding the post-Christmas paunch and providing valuable eye candy for the rest of us.

Did you even eat over Christmas?

The Rest of the Pool Party

The Tab is not sure in whose mind a Pool Party post-Christmas gluttony seemed like a good idea, but respect to these guys for attempting to make the most if it. You are far braver than most.

Hat’s off. But shirts on, I think

Best Off-Piste Outfit

Keeping it simple on the Opening Night Party in a bright statement-tee. Plus he just looks so happy to be there.

“I fucking love snowww”

Worst Off-Piste Outfit

This photo goes to show that the indefatigable Durham twat mantra of ‘let’s wear matching blazers cos we’re lads’ is unfortunately easily transferable abroad.


Best Retro Gear

Hatfield, Cuth’s and Hild Bede take this one with a taste of their retro skiwear day on Thursday. Very flare.

Party like it’s the 80s

Keenest Uni Sports Team

DUHC win this one hands-down, not only bringing their strips to the Alps but a couple of graduated players too. They had a social on the Wednesday night that resulted in lots of cringe chanting and vomit all over Saloon’s pool table.

Best Fancy Dress

Post-apocalypse is not any easy theme but these boys have done it in style. The Tab just hopes they enacted a ‘Power Rangers, Power Up’ style entrance when they arrived.

Power Rangers, Ninja (Snow) Storm!

Worst Fancy Dress

The only apocalypse related ordeal these girls seemed to have endured is an attack of three-year olds armed with red sharpies.

It’s like they didn’t even try…